Why DNA?

Why DNA? Oh, there are so many reasons why DNA. DNA is the thread that makes up the fabric of  who   we are . It is also the tint in our Iris, the gray (what, you aren’t grey yet?) of our hair, the knock of our knees, the recipe of our self. It is also the road map of our ancestry. I have, according to Doodle my Grandmother, my grandfather Gaulden’s hair and eyes. I can see in the mirror that I have my mother's smile. All of my siblings and I have the same basic build, in varying degrees, of our grandfather TC. One sibling has curly brown hair and resembles, again according to Doodle, Doodle’s mother Allie Compton. The other sibling is some kind of incredible replica of TC. I know that I see my sibling in the face and expressions of my niece. I also see the same niece in the face of a second cousin. All our family traits, everything is inherited and that inheritance is decided by our DNA. DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the carrier of our genetic (origins, the study of heredity) inf

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