Free, New, Easy Way to See DNA

Written by Peter Roberts

Simply login to mitoYDNA page and add your GEDmatch ID.

After this addition is complete, mitoYDNA activates a button which links to GEDmatch's One-To-Many application.  Then if you are logged into GEDmatch, clicking the button finds your autosomal DNA and X chromosome matches.

This process makes mitoYDNA the only free public database that provides easy access to all your DNA from any lab.  mitoYDNA accepts Y-DNA and mtDNA results from Family Tree DNA, YSEQ, GeneBase, African Ancestry, and Yoogene, as well as defunct labs: Gene Tree, DNA Heritage, Relative Genetics, SMGF, Ancestry, EthnoAncestry, NebulaOxford Ancestors, Paternity Experts, Genographic Project (Nat Geo 1.0), and Family Tree DNA affiliates such as iGENEA, Genera, DNA Ancestry and Family Origin, and AfricanDNA.  GEDmatch accepts autosomal DNA and X chromosomes from 23andMe, 24Genetics, AncestryDNA, AtlasFamily Tree DNA (Family Finder), Full Genomes, Genes For Good, GPS OriginsLiving DNA, MyHeritage DNA, NatGeo, WeGene, and YSEQ.