What sets mitoYDNA apart?

What sets mitoYDNA apart from other DNA Databases?

- Mags Gaulden, Team Member, January 1, 2021

I jumped into Genetic Genealogy to solve a family mystery, like so many of us. The very first test I did was a mtDNA test. I did it to see if my grandmother really was connected to the family she reconnected with after living for many years in a children's "home". The mtDNA work I did on the line, using the testing company database and a secondary database (available at the time), helped in major ways toward solving the mystery.

My Father is "all in" for my family research and tested next, doing a YDNA test. There are really no mysteries in my father's line, though I did make a discovery - a big one. My Surname is a derivative of the surname Gaulding. I discovered this not on the testing site - had no matches there right after his kit was processed - I discovered it by uploading his results to that secondary site to make discoveries.

In my experience, I needed a secondary (third-party) database in order to make these discoveries.

Since the old secondary database is no longer available? mitoYDNA.org makes the data not available in current DNA testing company databases available. But what is that makes mitoYDNA.org different from them?

First and foremost? The Team

We are community supported in three ways:

  1. Volunteers do everything. From the board over to our IT professionals, genetic genealogists, genealogists.
  2. The community informs what we add to the basic database and tools and analytics.
  3. The community, through donations, keep the lights on.
The first is self-explanatory; we are ALL volunteers. The second? We listen to our users and work to add tools and information and features to help them research using mitoYDNA.org. The third? Again it's self-explanatory. When we were starting we always said to each other "if each user donated just a little bit a month we could keep the proverbial 'lights' on".

Second and third and fourth and fifth...

At the beginning when we were just going live, the owner of another DNA database said to me that we were doing it right, that if they had it to do over that they would do things the way we're doing things. Amazingly they had just used our team mantra "Doing DNA Right" in one of the best compliments we get, not just from them but from others as well.

We are run by a non-profit company, mitoYDNA Ltd., with the oversight of a board who also play a role in the day-to-day work we do. So, not only are we run by a board but our board is on the team, doing work just like the rest of us. Lianne Kruger touched on our passion in her recent blog at ifamilyhistory.blogspot.com

mitoYDNA.org, the database

We take Y and mtDNA from all DNA testing companies. Have results from your Sorenson test from years ago? Add them to mitoYDNA.org to be able to use your data again. Have Genographic 1.0 you can no longer access or use? Add your results to mitoYDNA.org. What about those old Ancestry tests that offered a look into your Haplogroups? Upload those old Ancestry results to mitoYDNA.org. YSEQ is another testing company available right now, add your results too! 

The point here is that mitoYDNA takes results uploads from every possible Y and mtDNA test, past present and future.
Tests Results taken at mitoYDNA.org

We have tools. All of the tools are available to every registrant on the site. We bring together tools we create and also tools that are available to the community, and put them in one place and in the context of your results.

Tools in context with results

Tools page at mitoYDNA,org

Results page with tools

You don't get any of these tools in one place like you do on mitoYDNA.org.

THE BIGGEST difference between mitoYDNA and other Y and mtDNA databases? We will continue to listen to the community and improve the site, by creating new tools and analytics for use by all, for free.

Here is a bullet list with links.

You need to register at mitoYDNA.org and be logged in to mitoYDNA to view the following links. Video describing how to register: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0WWnDdWKKw

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