How Does Your DNA Compare With Famous People?

Written by Peter Roberts

Now you can quickly see how your Y-DNA or mtDNA stacks up against Emperor Nicholas, Queen Victoria’s maternal granddaughter, Princess AlixKing Richard III, King Louis XVIII, or King Béla III of Hungary.

Simply register at and then upload your mtDNA and/or Y-DNA to  Then enter your mitochondrial or Y DNA ID in the Famous field.

Y Results 

Mitochondrial Results

As you can see I'm not even close!

mitoYDNA is a free Y chromosome and mitochondrial database which allows you to find matches and make comparisons between different DNA testing labs.

Here are upload Instructions for Y-DNA and mtDNA from Family Tree DNA (the most popular Y-DNA and mtDNA testing lab).  

mitoYDNA also accepts Y-DNA and mtDNA results from other labs such as: YSEQGenebaseAfrican AncestryYoogene or from defunct labs: Gene TreeDNA HeritageRelative GeneticsSMGFAncestryEthnoAncestryOxford AncestorsPaternity ExpertsGenographic Project (Nat Geo 1.0), and Family Tree DNA affiliates: iGENEAGeneraDNA Ancestry and Family Origin, and AfricanDNA.