Introducing the Y-STR+ tool! By Greg Clarke, Team Member is happy to announce a brand new tool available for YDNA kit holders. This Y-STR+ tool will allow you to view and explore all of your YDNA data, including the markers beyond the 111 marker range, for those that have kits with more information, like, for example, those from FTDNA Big-Y tests. The Y-STR+ tool can be accessed from any YDNA kit page, but its power is in comparing kits together, so the easiest way to explore is to start from the Tools -> Matches area - or - the green Search area at the bottom of the Tools page. Once a set of kits is loaded, you can sort them, select a subset of the data based on marker ranges - or - explore only the markers that have a different value from the reference kit. You can even swap reference kits to view the data from a whole new perspective, with a single click! For more information, check out the Y-STR+ help page on or view the Y-STR+ Introduction video on the mitoYDNA YouTube channel. If you have questions or comments, please leave them below, or send an email to