Search Tool at

There is a new Tools feature at that allows you to search the database for kits that match your search criteria for 3 fields:

  • Name: looks at the User last name and EKA last name of each kit
  • Location: looks at the EKA birth and death location of each kit
  • Haplogroup: looks at Haplogroup of each kit  

There are also 3 query operators for Equals, Starts With, and Contains.  And you can limit your search to Y, mtDNA or Both (default) types of kits. 


  1. Type:  the type of search field to find
    • Name
    • Location
    • Haplogroup
  2. Query:  Query option
    • Equals - exact match to text entered
    • Starts with - match the characters entered to the start of the field(s)
    • Contains - finds the text somewhere in the field(s)
  3. Search:  the text for which you wish to search
  4. Options:  Limit search to Y, mtDNA or Both (default) kits
There are a couple of restriction/caveats of which you should be aware:
  • Only the first 200 search matches will be returned in the results (to minimize server load).
  • Wildcards are NOT accepted.
  • The search is case insensitive ('York' or 'york' will be returned).
See the HELP file at:


Some examples of uses:
  • Haplogroups that Start With 'R'
  • Locations that Contain 'York' (New York, Yorkshire, ...)
  • Names that Contain 'stein' (Goldstein, Rothenstein, ...)
  • Y Haplogroups that Start With 'J'
  • Locations that Start With 'Ten'  (Tennessee, Tenn., Tennessee, United States, ...)


mitoYDNA's Peter Roberts has found several way (as FTDNA Project Administrator) to use the Search tool to:



Find Y-DNA tested Pritchards and spelling variation

“Name” “includes” “pritchard” “Y only”

Find mtDNA testees whose direct maternal line is likely of African origin

“Haplogroup” “Starts with” "L" “mtDNA only”

Find Y-DNA testers who likely have direct paternal line Native American ancestry

“Haplogroup” “Equals” “Y only”: Q-M3  (C-M217, Q-M242)  3 queries

Search for mtDNA testers who likely have Native American ancestry on their direct maternal line

“Haplogroup” “Starts with” “mtDNA only”:  A2  (B2, C1b, C1c, D1, D4h3) 6 queries